Showing your prices as a creative business is a hotly debated topic. In business, there is no right or wrong answer to how to market yourself, but time and time again we see wedding photography companies hide their prices. Be it at a wedding fayre with “we’ll email you with prices”, or on their website with “contact us for a quote”, hiding your prices can discourage new interest and potential bookings. Here’s why we love to show our prices to all who ask or seek the information out.


This is the biggest and most important factor of them all. By showing potential couples our priced packages up front they can jot down the information and see if it fits in their budget. They can also easily see what they get for the price, and what different packages get. Giving your couples the power to choose for themselves gives them the power, and power begets happiness. Many companies that hide their price do so because they don’t want other competitors seeing their prices and what they get – we are the complete opposite. We can can recite each package by memory, so if caught out in public we know exactly what to offer. Likewise, we even tell other wedding companies our packages, the price is a carefully calculated price that combines skill, time and products into a set offering. Other companies are free to copy us, imitate us and even source the same albums as us (good luck with that though), we do not get deterred or miffed at this.

Hidden prices can vary dependant on circumstances

Lets imagine you contact a wedding photographer for a quote,   and give as much information as possible, including your venue, date of marriage and other vendors. The photographer could see the date of your wedding is a prime weekend in the summer, and at a high-cost venue, and knows you are looking at a high expense wedding. The quote you get in return is massively inflated in comparison to one that he sent out just a few months earlier for a midweek spring wedding. Why is this? Because by not having the prices on display the photographer is able to modify his prices to squeeze the most out of your budget after seeing your circumstances. We hate this! By having our prices on display, no matter your budget, date of wedding or location, you can be assured our prices stay fixed, and you get the same great value as the next. You wouldn’t go into Tescos one day and be asked how much you pay for rent, and your price for food increase, so why should the creative industry?

It creates extra legwork for the couple

You have a load of vendors, suppliers and people to book for your wedding day (about 20 on average), so you want quick price calculations and easy price brackets you can put into your spreadsheet for budgeting. If you have to contact a supplier, then supply information, wait for a response and then adjust it because you’d prefer something else, the booking suddenly gets more complex. You can click on our site however, and within one button see all the three set prices for either photography or videography on display, including their contents.

The bespoke option

You may be thinking that we’re very pro-displaying prices, and you’d be correct! However we don’t completely advocate this model, we have a bespoke option for everyone who wants something a little different. This is an option only if you want it, we don’t force it upon you as a requirement for contact. Couples can ask to modify a set package (such as extra photo albums or less shooting time), and we can get back with their adjusted price quickly). We really do the best of both worlds.